We are Eco Power Pressure Washing. Carrying the best Equipment in the Antelope Valley, we strive to combine this with our top of the line chemicals, excellent service and work ethic to bring Southern California a better pressure washing company. We ensure each job is done properly and completely, and that every customer is satisfied with the results. As a newer start up in the Antelope Valley, we have been extremely blessed to work with great clients in our wonderful area. From cleaning vehicles to industrial sized messes, we handle it all, and do it better than the rest.

What We Do:
– All Concrete Cleaning and Correction.
– Residential: Home driveways, Walkways and Sidewalks.
– Commercial: Bank drive-thru, fast food drive-thru, side walks and store fronts.
– Wood decks, Wood fences, Vinyl, and most other surfaces.
– Graffiti and Gum removal – Gum Fact (viruses stay in gum for 7 days).
– House Washing (Soft Wash) for any type of home or building. Even a three story is no problem.
– Fleet Washing (Taxi Cabs, 18-Wheeler delivery trucks, Standard delivery trucks).
– Docking Ports
– Grease Oil and Bio-film removal.

How We Get It Done:
Eco Power’s perfected method of cleaning is hot water heated to 300 degrees with powerful, Eco-friendly chemicals. When dealing with sensitive surfaces is needed we have biodegradable chemical that is not harsh on plants or landscaping. On sensitive materials we simply make the proper adjustments to assure your surface is not damaged and proceed. Most importantly, we take our time, and are meticulous that we clean every detail that is needed